Sizing & Care

SIZING: Not sure of your wrist size? Just measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure between your hand and your wrist bone. Or you can print and use this paper ruler. Do not add any inches or you’ll throw off my secret formula! If I have to make it over because it doesn’t it, I gotta charge you a do-over fee of $10 … so, get it right. lol!

CARE: Don’t forget that these are semiprecious stones. Sure, they look strong but they can break easily. So, don’t drop them or they’ll probably crack and fracture. Likewise, here are a few tips to help your bracelet become an heirloom.

  • Avoid contact with water– sure my bracelets can survive a shower or two but better safe than sorry!
  • Avoid contact with chemical substances like cologne, perfume, and lotion– you smell nice, don’t overdo it!