Tiger’s Eye Power Cufflinks

$49.99 plus tax

  • Unleash your tiger power
  • Large 18mm tiger’s eye rocks
  • Bold look
  • Conversation piece
  • Copper metal, coated with shiny gunmetal gray
  • Stone of power & protection
  • Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery
  • Sorry, no returns
  • Shipped from a different location so it will not arrive with RBS packaging
  • Swag IS included 🙂


Own the room with these bold, striking cufflinks. Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone with a strong, unique look. Named because it resembles the eyes of a tiger, it’s usually yellow or golden. It can be found in many places but the largest concentrations are in South Africa and Thailand. It’s considered a stone of power, protection, good luck, focus, and mental clarity. These cufflinks are made with two large 18mm tiger’s eye rocks set into a smooth gunmetal grey setting. Tiger power is definitely included. 🙂 




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