Rep Your Set Bracelet – (Red & Orange)


  • REP YOUR SET in style!
  • COLORS: Red & orange
  • STYLE: Wraparound bracelet & a choker necklace
  • BAND: Black, reinforced steel cable
  • CLASP: Stainless steel clip with hoop or shackle closure
  • ROCKS: Small 6mm rocks
  • CHARITY: 20% of the purchase price will be donated to the African American Literary Awards Show


You have a set. So, represent it with a REP YOUR SET Bracelet!

Whether you’re repping your alma mater, your fraternity, your sorority, your country, your job, your professional organization, your family, or anything else, there’s definitely something in your world worth bragging about.

Each REP YOUR SET Bracelet comes in three sizes, each rich with symbolism.

  • SMALL: Made with 58 rocks and fits wrists up to about 6.5 inches.
    • The 58 rocks represent 1958, the year that the Youth March for Integrated (desegregated) Schools took place in Washington DC.
  • MEDIUM: Made with 64 rocks and fits wrists up to about 7.5 inches.
    • The 64 rocks because 1964, the year that the Civil Rights Act outlawing discrimination and segregation was signed into law.
  • LARGE: Made with 70 rocks and fits wrists up to about 8.5 inches.
    • The 70 rocks represent the beginning of the “Post Civil Rights Era.” Both Essence and Black Enterprise were launched in 1970.

So, every REP YOUR SET bracelet serves as a beautiful reminder of how far we’ve come … and how far we still have to go. When people ask about your shiny new rocks, you’ll have plenty to say.

I’ve already made a number of REP YOUR SET BRACELETS which were intended by the customer to represent a wide range of organizations and groups. FYI, I just use colors– no trademarked insignias. I look forward to helping you rep your set– whatever it may be!


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Toggle Clasp, Hoop Shackle, Clip Shackle (recommended), Adjustable Shackle, Engraved Adjustable Shackle


XS (6"), S (6.5"), M (7"), L (7.5"), XL (8"), XXL (8.5")


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