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Toggle ClaspHoop ShackleClip Shackle (recommended)Adjustable ShackleAdjustable Engraved Shackle
XS (6")S (6.5")M (7")L (7.5")XL (8")XXL (8.5")


The only limit is your imagination. Let me know what you’re interested in and we can get started. I can offer suggestions but please have some idea of what you want. No, I do not have a comprehensive list of gems but I do have access to most of them. If your request affects the price, I’ll let you know.

  • Materials: high-end semiprecious stones like onyx, agate lapis lazuli, and tiger’s eye — choose your own adventure!
  • Band: black reinforced steel cable
  • Clasp selection
  • Charity: 10% of the purchase price of this bracelet will be donated to a nonprofit that works for social justice. Click here to see some of the organizations I’ve donated to through my jewelry.
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Toggle Clasp, Hoop Shackle, Clip Shackle (recommended), Adjustable Shackle, Adjustable Engraved Shackle


XS (6"), S (6.5"), M (7"), L (7.5"), XL (8"), XXL (8.5")


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