My thoughts about my creations evolve all the time (!) but here is the basic DNA.


  • THE CHARITY – There’s a whole page dedicated to this but the basic idea is, I use my creations to give back to my community and causes that are significant to me.
  • THE ZEN – You can use your bracelet to pray, meditate or set your intention by repeating an affirmation or a positive word as you touch each of the rocks sequentially.
  • THE ROCKS – I call them rocks because, well, they are. Semiprecious stones, mostly. You’ll notice that most of these bracelets have heft– they feel heavy because they are made with real rocks.
  • THE BAND – I started off with elastic bands but they break too often. These days I use a black, reinforced, steel cable–it’s not indestructible, but it’s pretty tough!
  • THE SIZE – I’m aware of the trend toward small-bead bracelets but I usually use larger rocks so that my bracelets become conversation pieces … with a purpose.
  • THE CLASP – I use a few different clasps but they are all based on the idea of reappropriating shackles. Like, from slavery. The idea is to overcome the things that bind you.
  • THE SYMBOLISM – Sure, each of the rocks has a symbolic meaning but what do the rocks mean to YOU? If fire agate feels like rebirth to you and that’s what you need in your life, go with it.
  • THE PANTHER – For my Panther Collection, I use a lot of panthers. The black panther is a powerful symbol. This mysterious animal is highly regarded for its grace, strength, beauty, and power. And, yes, I was definitely inspired by the Black Panther superhero, who I’ve also written a few articles about. 🙂