Twin Bracelets for Couples

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Share your bond with matching bracelets!


Wanna get matchy-matchy with Bae? How about matching bracelets? Do you two have a favorite color? Are you looking for gems that help create fertility? Want to rep your fraternity and sorority colors? There’s no limit to the ways you can match each other. Nope, I don’t have a comprehensive list of gems, but I can source most of them. If your request affects the price, I’ll let you know. Because a big part of bracelet sizing is personal preference, I would prefer to make your bracelets in person. If not, please accept the fact that your bracelets may be a little bit big, or a little tight.

Materials: High-end semiprecious stones like Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, and Tiger’s Eye. Choose your own adventure!

Size: Choose from 6mm (extra small) to 14mm (extra large) beads.

Band: Heirloom-quality, reinforced steel cable is double-stranded throughout the whole bracelet, which makes it virtually unbreakable.

Clasp: Finished with an over-sized, stainless steel shackle clasp, which can be engraved with your first or last initial. The clasp has three size settings so that you can adjust it to just the right drape for your wrist. As symbolic as it is striking, the shackle clasp is representative of overcoming the things that bind us– both personal and systemic.

Charity: Choose a cause to donate 10% of your purchase price to and I will find a matching nonprofit, or just allow me to donate to one of my current charity partners.

Click here to see some of the organizations I’ve donated to through my jewelry.


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Do all your #Baeanigans in twinsie style!