Red Light Bracelet

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10% of your purchase price will be donated to social justice causes



The red light at the intersection says stop. Even when there’s barely any traffic. Even when no other cars seem to be coming. It can be a nuisance, sure, but it can also be a blessing. Taking a moment, a second, a breath can sometimes make all the difference in an otherwise chaotic day. The rocks in this bracelet were chosen to reinforce the energy of taking out a moment just for you.

Materials: 12mm agate in a random mix of whitish colors to remind you that everything does not need to be perfect to be pretty. Hematite at the clasp to absorb negative energy. And a single red agate in the middle to fight against fear and anxiety.

Band: Black, heirloom-quality, reinforced steel cable.

Clasp: Finished with a stainless steel toggle clasp or an over-sized, stainless steel shackle clasp. The shackle clasp has three size settings so that you can adjust it to just the right drape for your wrist. As symbolic as it is striking, the shackle clasp is representative of overcoming the things that bind us– both personal and systemic.

Charity: 10% of the purchase price of this bracelet will be donated to a nonprofit that works for social justice. Click here to see some of the organizations I’ve donated to through my jewelry.


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