Diamond Panther Clan Bracelet




The DIAMOND version of my Panther Clan Bracelet! Naturally, it was inspired by the Black Panther movie. this is my super-luxury interpretation of what of what a bracelet made of Vibranium, (Wakanda’s most precious natural resource) might look like. Metallic but bluish and shimmery when the light hits it. Fit for a king, or queen.

Like the original, this bracelet is made of Faceted Hematite, Blue Sand, and African Frosted Glass from Ghana. The big difference? On this version, the panther head is “iced out” with a sexy pave of actual diamonds! Yes, you read that right. Diamonds. And, of course, there’s also an oversized stainless steel shackle clasp engraved with the hashtag “#riseup.” All of which is strung on a super-strong steel cable.

Limited edition.


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