Killmonger Bracelet


“Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage.” -Killmonger

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I mean, he may have been a bit too extreme, but Killmonger, the “villain” played by Michael B. Jordan in Marvel’s Black Panther movie, had a point. Anyway, this one-off bracelet was made in his honor and it’s extra special.

Materials: Large 12mm rocks surround the centerpiece, a huge iridescent blue, Swarovski,  panther head. The panther head is bordered by glass, stainless steel and two pieces of Vibranium, (Wakanda’s most precious natural resource), which actually glow in the dark!

Band: The bracelet is strung on an heirloom-quality, reinforced steel cable that is layered with 24K gold! The clear glass beads on either side of the panther head were included to showcase the gold within.

Clasp: Finished with an over-sized, stainless steel shackle clasp, the clasp has three size settings (via a screw-in pin) so that you can adjust it to just the right drape for your wrist. As symbolic as it is striking, the shackle clasp is representative of overcoming the things that bind us– both personal and systemic. Particularly symbolic considering Killmonger’s last words in the movie.

Properties: Druzy Agate creates healing and balance– it also gets more beautiful as it cracks to shows its stunning internal crystals. Blue Cat’s Eye represents discipline and concentration. The bracelet also has two Caymanite rocks– the rarest gem I’ve worked with so far. It can only be found in the Cayman Islands and is a result of the original volcanic eruption that created the island paradise. Trust me, it’s not easy to find. I haven’t been able to locate any known healing properties of the stone but I’d like to think that the colored bands represent the layers of human complexity. Or Killmonger’s. There’s levels to this, ya’ll.

Charity: 10% of the purchase price of this bracelet will be donated to a nonprofit that works for social justice. Click here to see some of the organizations I’ve donated to through my jewelry.

This bracelet is a showstopper!

One of one. The price of $196.60 is not arbitrary. Black Panther was first introduced in 1966. See what I did there? Sized for an 8-inch wrist (approximately).



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