House of Cards has been ROCKED!

Yo! I’m so excited about this! This is one of a small batch of bracelets that I made for @houseofcards! Yes, THAT House of Cards! They were used as wrap gifts for the end of season 5. I don’t know if @kevinspacey got one, but I certainly hope so! Anyway, in this design, the matte onyx represents being stealthy because, well, Francis Underwood is mad shady. The flag colors are out of order, just like the flag colors in the House of Cards logo. And I placed the “flag” on the bottom of bracelet, next to the clasp, because Francis never shows his hand. I also donated 10% of the purchase price to @colorofchange for the work they do affecting positive change in the political arena. Exactly the type of organization that Francis would hate! 😂


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