#HotRocksCrew Profile: Biba Adams

biba (a black woman with locs) wearing a turquoise and brown bracelet

I made Biba’s (@bibathediva) bracelet in person at a bar in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. I kept expecting the waitress to ask what I was doing but she never did which made me feel like what I was doing was regular. Confirmation, maybe. Biba said I could give a % of her purchase price to anything that supports women and girls in the US. I’m thinking From Girls to Pearls might be a good fit.

IN HER WORDS: “I’m a writer/cultural critic/vagabond. I’m inspired by the color turquoise or teal or Caribbean blue. It’s my power color. For me, it represents beauty. It’s what I think I look like on the inside. In my life, sh*t… I’m just coming out of a month-long depression. I feel like sh*t. I look like sh*t. But, that won’t last much longer. A b*tch ’bout to get her hair done, her nails done, a new tat, some piercings, and act all brand new. So, I need a new bracelet soon.”

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