Charity Partners

Most of the organizations I support have a significant impact on the African-American community. Some of my charity partners have been supported by donations in addition to signature bracelets (see photos below) and others have been supported by monetary donations only. Here are a few of the many organizations I’ve been able to contribute to because of the generosity of customers like you. Please check them out and support them!



Truth In Reality logo

The mission of Truth in Reality is to change the imbalanced media depictions of women of color, especially on violent reality television. Through education, research, public awareness campaigns, social media engagement, strategic partnerships, and public commentary we aim to change society’s acceptance of gender-based violence and ultimately reduce its incidence in the Black community.


Image Nation Logo

ImageNation Cinema Foundation is a Harlem-based media arts group, founded with the goal of establishing a chain of art-house cinemas, dedicated to progressive media by and about people of color. Through a variety of exhibitions and programs, ImageNation edifies its audience. We foster media equity, media literacy, solidarity, cross-cultural exchange and highlight the humanity of Pan-African people worldwide.



Harlem Park to Park (HP2P) is a neighborhood development organization of entrepreneurs committed to cultural preservation, small business and community development in Central Harlem, NYC’s premier cultural, dining, shopping, lifestyle and nightlife hub north of 110 Street. Formed in September 2009, HP2P’s membership is comprised of 130+ premiere businesses located within the geographic area of Central Park North to 144th street and Morningside Park to Marcus Garvey Park.

rocks by sekou harlem park to park on a box bracelet


Through The Shikuri Project, we aim to save and improve the lives of other underserved children in East Africa born with sickle-cell disease through early diagnosis and sustained treatment. Shikuri was born with sickle-cell disease in Kenya, but was not diagnosed until his adoption at the age of 2. Due to his West Kenyan birth mother’s constrained circumstances, she abandoned him in a hospital. Since adopting him, Gail Sealy, the founder of our organization, was fortunate enough to avail him with state-of-the-art medical care.



VetPaw was founded by a Marine Corps veteran and is dedicated to fighting the atrocities of elephant and rhino poaching in East Africa, Many U.S. Veterans are un- or underemployed because they are highly skilled in combat-related areas but unable to leverage those skills in a civilian setting. VetPaw bridges that gap by giving them the opportunity to use their unique skills in another capacity: anti-poaching efforts. This bracelet includes a recycled Winchester Smith & Wesson .40 caliber bullet round on the band.